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Flamenco Guitar teacher in Dublin. Classical Guitar in Dublin and Flamenco Guitar in Dublin for the past years Angel has a reputation of having students wining prizes like the Waltons Guitar Prize several times (age 15 to 20) and this year the New Park School of Music's Guitar prize (age 15) and other prizes. Also students passing exams like all grades for the Trinity College of Music London and leaving certs. Learn how to play the Classical Guitar in Dublin with Angel. From Renaissance including John Dowland, Luys Milan, Luys de Narvaez, Mudarra, Valderrabano, Fuenllana, Daza, Dalza, Spinacino, Francesco da Milano etc... From Baroque; J.S.Bach, Weiss, Baron, Scarlatti, Dufault, Saint Luc, Sanz, Murcia, Guerau, Corbetta, De Visee etc... From Classic like Sor, Guliani, Aguado, Arcas, Carulli, Carcassi, Regondi, Mertz etc... From Romantic and Modern, Albeniz, Granados, Tarrega, Villalobos, Barrios, Llobet, Moreno-Torroba, Ponce, Turina, F. Martin, Malats, Falla, Rodrigo, Lauro, Brouwer, Britten, Walton, Henze, Berio, Smith-Brindle, Asencio. And most of the great composers for guitar. Tuition includes Techinique (forms of and development), Style, and tradition as ornamentation and reading from tabs as required.biography contact Angel at: class@angelguitar.net

Learn Guitar in Dublin with Angel a true professional performer the Flamenco technique: scales, arpegios, tremolo, rasgueados. Styles for Flamenco Dance and for solo guitar, Sevillanas, Rumbas, Tangos flamencos, Tientos, Tarantas, Tarantos, Seguirillas, Soleas, Granainas, Zapateado, Bulerias, Fandangos de Huelva, Farruca and music by Paco de Lucia, Tomatito, Vicente Amigo, Gerardo Nunez, Juan Martin, Paco Pena, Sabicas, Nino Ricardo. Angel has Flamenco in his veins, gypsies and "payos" had given him the knowledge and the passion of this striking music. Contact Angel at: flamenco@angelguitar.net

Get the very best personal tuition from Angel in a friendly atmosphere. Learn only what you need to learn. Do just the things you need to do to play the music you love. Whether you want to learn Classical guitar or Flamenco guitar Angel will instruct you to the very highest standard.

Call Angel and get details he always have promotions in price and bonus!



Finally here. The new way of learning, GUITAR ONLINE!

In the comfort of home you can now have your guitar lessons with Angel via Skype! The simple requirements are:

1- Broad Band conection

2- Skype account

3- PC or Lap top or Tablet

4- Headset (headphone & Micro)

5- PayPal account

Simply and easy. Stop driving after work. Have your lesson in the comfort of home. You choose the time. You are not in Dublin? That is no longer a problem to have lessons with Angel. Students from as far as Japan, China, Mexico and USA are already having the advantage of this technology. Be ahead of others by booking your ONLINE LESSONS WITH ANGEL NOW!

Angel has developed in the past 4 yeas of experience with students from many Countries, a unique system of teaching GUITAR ONLINE.

Start now and call Angel for a quick review on this 21st century way of learning. Places are limited and rapidly taken.

Call ANGEL 086 304 0563 for more info about it is the best deal this year!!!


Some of the people ANGEL taught includes:

Gabriela (from Rodrigo and Gabriela), Rebecca Collins, Pearce (from Tucan), David Whyte, Paul Gillgun, Damian Power (from Solo Flamenco), Richard Haggerty (17 years old winner of the New Park competition), Norman Kelly (17 years old currently appear with ANGEL FLAMENCO & FRIENDS), Andy Coogan and many others.









If you are an advanced Classical guitar student and you are looking for an extra or different view on a specific repertoire. Or you are preparing exams or auditions. Or maybe you are working on a programme to present a Competition, Angel's expertise can help you to get up to your best. biography

Leaving certs exams (playing guitar) can also be prepared.

Angel also do special courses to follow a set syllabus by the following established colleges and academies of Music: Trinity College of Music London, The Associate Board of the Royal Schools of Music, The London College of Music, The Guildhall School of Music London. Successful candidates will receive a certificate from one of the above colleges, related to the grade taken. The duration of these courses might vary; candidates work at their own pace depending much on their time schedules as circumstances are differnt from one individual to another. There is no limited age to do this. Angel has a high rating of happy students doing this grades.




If you are a complete begginer then don't worry, Angel has taken many students who have never played an instrument before -nothing better to start than a good guide in a friendly atmosphere where every one is important.

Contact Angel on lessons@angelguitar.net to recieve costings and timetables. This wont represent any kind of commitment.



"Through him I've begun to appreciate that music is much more than notes on a page, it's a language of the soul that transcends time and space. Angel is the best guitar teacher".

Kurt (upper-intermediate student)

"Angel has gone through them all. From the essentials of classical to the duende of flamenco, his mastery of his craft is sublime. I've learned things from him that I know I would learn nowhere else. Over the last 3 years I have progressed from a handful of chords to a knowledge of guitar I never even suspected existed. Thanks, Angel."

Diarmuid (advance student)

" I have always loved the sound of the spanish guitar and wanted to learn to play Flamenco. I didn't think I had a musical bone in my body but Angel has helped me achieve my aims and as one knows practice makes perfect"

Chris Elsom (beginner student)







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