On Proportion

On PROPORTION is Angel's philosophical dissertation and will appear in paragraphs every week. Some shorter than others but eventually all will be on screen.


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While we walk searching for the answer to the mysteries of Life the fascinating lives of NATURA appear themselves before us. They come disguised as beautiful poems, wonderful sounds; even while walking we discover step by step realities that are so genuine we take them as parts of ourselves. Organically ours. But such familiarity is actually much deeper and more important than we think it is. So we have to adopt a less egocentric approach in order to understand it. We should dispense with the leading role of this tragedy and become integrated into the whole to fulfil our individual duties: as the leaves of a tree, a feather in a wing or a wave on the ocean; as a mist in the woods carrying divinities in their thousands; and thousands are the forms and at the same time such diversity is only to sculpt one unique piece, unique and simple. A raindrop, a caress. To face the wind and let our hair fly, to let us dance with the breeze and the palm trees. With the music, not of the spheres but of the sea waves. Nothing stands without a reason, every thing that must be there, is there.



After we calm down, after our breath has been taken away, in our hearts we continue this endless dance of beings in transit across the Universe that turns us around, the magical spiral, multidimensional, she shows one shape and is at the same time all shapes and all of them are parts of the whole. One face with infinite facets some of which I see as beautiful and others that I have not yet found.



Everything manifests to us; God and Creation. During the search for the source of these mysteries, our need for understanding has led us to create a personal universe made to our own measure.



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