Angel has a unique romantic repertoire of the most lovingly Spanish muisc for weddings making them something simple and at the same time a very special moment everybody remember. Wedding with Angel seems a good idea.

Coments on Angel's performance at Weddings:

"I just wanted to thank you sincerely for the music in the church. The playing was
unbelievable and all the pieces sounded amazing. I think they sounded really fantastic!!
Thanks again Angel!!"

David, Irish Army.

" Angel your music at my cocktail party after wedding was great! I had never enjoyed so much the back ground music. It was just fantastic atmosphere and all the guests and family were in the right mood for celebration. Thanks Angel."


"Angel gave us a magnificent Music for our Wedding Ceremony at the Church, just heaven".

Una,  Manager  Director

"Angel's guitar playing was so beautiful and inspiring, so well played that the Ceremony pleasantly and peacefully passed in a delicate frame of his Music".

Anne, Lawyer

"Thank you Angel for the beautiful music, was a great complement to our Ceremony.  Everyone commented on how lovely it was".

Susie, IT

"My husband choose Angel to do the Music for our Church Ceremony and all was so wonderful ( I knew Angel Play for our President twice), but when I heard the sound of the Guitar while I was walking in the alley it was so inspiring and grandiose"

Lisa, GP

" My now a day Wife selected Angel to be the Musician of the day in our Wedding. Fantastic he is so awesome in Guitar playing and the Music he put together for the Church was just great, perfect".

Darren, Architect

" I was looking for a guitarist to play in my daughter's Wedding Ceremony and searching in the internet I found Angel. It was exactly what I was looking for. Only one thing did not covered all my deal with Angel when we did the agreement for the Wedding. (I worried about the way he will dress for the event). Angel is exactly what he promotes, he is a Gentleman and a very well dress one, an absolute Professional. I'm so glad I choose him, the right one"

Aaron, Businessman.

" I check up everybody in Ireland to do the music for my Wedding day. It was Angel coming up all the time and in all ways. So I gave him a shout and he explained everything to me about wedds. So I desided to hire him to do the music at the Church and at the reception before the dinner. The Man is so good at the guitar and having five times National Award for Arts in Mexico well deserved. I hired him to do my Wedding- Church and cocktails. Angel was so great! everybody was just happy and in the mood to party, cheers Angel it was just f..... great"

David,  Businessman


Your music in the church & at the reception was perfect, everyone enjoyed it so much. Thanks again & I'm sure we will see you again.





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