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Viento Y Fuego: Flamenco in Temple Bar and Angel plays Classical guitar

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Flamenco in Temple Bar
Viento y Fuego - 01 - El Lele.mp3 - 1.57mb
Viento y Fuego - 11 - Los Duros Antiguos.mp3 - 1.52mb
Viento y Fuego - 02 - Leyenda.mp3 - 1.54mb
Viento y Fuego - 05 - Maria.mp3 - 1.36mb

Angel plays Classical Guitar
Bagatelle1 - Allegro.mp3 - 1mb
Capricho arabe.mp3 - 1mb
Dedicatoria.mp3 - 1mb


Coments from audiences:

-Tara (Opera Singer) Im listening to him all the time, He is gifted.
-Paul- eartwoear (musician, composer, sound engineer) LOVE IT.
-Reiner (amateur guitarist) YES, he is really very very good.
-Sherry (musician) He's Brilliant.
-Mary-Ellen (amateur writer) My God, He's amazing.
-Sean (media design) Excellent stuff, commands silence and attention and has a nice live and recorded feel to it.
-Pauline (Belly Dancer!) He's fantastic.



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